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Restart & Improve your fitness life. Nutrition, exercise, and daily habits to get you healthy again.

Join the Moonshot House wellness workshop featuring Tony Arreola, NASM Master Trainer.
Tony will explain and show us how to stay fit and healthy during a pandemic. What type of exercises and stretches are recommended for our new “work at home” life style. Also He will talk about the 21 day challenge he has designed, and all Moonshot House members are invited to join the challenge free of charge for 21 days! See below for more info.
Tony holds 2 degrees and 8 national certifications. He has published multiple books, including the bestseller, “Get Me Skinny.” Tony has over 18 years of experience and is the CEO of Total Body Project. He is an avid triathlete, who has completed 6 Ironmans around the world.

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