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“Woman of the Decade” -Amilya Antonetti, How I Took My Company From 0 – 100M

Join us for a virtual chat with Amilya Antonetti, Creator “Genius Key” CEO The Genius Institute. https://geniuskey.com/

Amilya Antonetti is one of the most sought after Human Behavior experts and Strategic Advisors. Her proprietary Genius Key system emboldens companies by removing biases, like gender, race, religion, and other factors that impact building a healthy, prosperous and sustainable community, within the business and its “people.” Amilya’s national popularity began in the early 1990s after discovering the life-threatening effects cleaning products had on her infant son. She successfully founded Soapworks(™), which quickly became one of the fastest-growing, privately-owned all-natural household product companies in North America. She sold the company (now renamed Green Works) and today it is a wholly-owned division of Clorox. In 2019 Amilya was awarded the “Woman of the Decade” award from Women’s Economic Forum.

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