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How Technology Shifts in Light of Pandemic Pressures: a bridge between past, presence and future |Dec11th, 11am PST

In this virtual panel discussion, our guest speakers will discuss:

  • Recap the negative and positive impacts of the pandemic on technology and innovation landscape in 2020
  • Corporations typically plan long term for their projects. How pandemic changed the corporation’s technology pipeline, prioritization, and allocated budgets?
  • What type of technologies like online video conferencing we should expect to see more and adopt faster than original expectations in 2021 and in general in the coming years?
  • Many people believe when the vaccine releases everything that goes back to normal very fast, however, some believe the pandemic already has done enough damages to many industries which even if the COVID disappears tomorrow, it will take a few years to fix it. What are your thoughts?
  • What type of other challenges you are dealing with on a daily basis because of the pandemic and technology shifts? Like slower communication between the team, progress, morale and etc?
  • What are your final thoughts and your message to other industry leaders and entrepreneurs?
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