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Moonshotter’s Roundtable Series – Session 4 | Nov 19th, 1pm PST

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At Moonshot House, we host a Moonshotter’s Roundtable once a month, where we bring together founders, future visionaries, brilliant industry leaders, and investors around the same virtual table for a collaborative dialogue.

The Moonshotter’s Roundtable format is designed to be casual and conversational. The focus is on the Founders—who they are, what they’re building, how their vision will change the industry, their company’s current challenges, and how our community can help.

Founders are welcome to share their vision with slides, photos, graphs, etc or they can simply talk. No need for a formal presentation.

At the end of their segment, each Founder will have time to answer questions and brainstorm with the Champions. Members of the audience can also ask questions throughout the session, which will be read by the Moonshot House moderator.

Christian Peverelli, Co-Founder & CEO at WeAreNoCode

Q Saeed, CEO & Director at Applied UV Inc. (Nasdaq: AUVI)
Taylor McPartland, CEO at ScaleHealth
Tracie Rotter, former Partner at Google Ventures
Alex Mojtahedi, Founder & CEO at Createnu Ventures

Honghao Deng, CEO at Butlr.
Lukasz Mendecki, Ph.D. CTO at Allergy Amulet
Christian Peverelli, Co-Founder & CEO at WeAreNoCode

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